Another story and troubles in YouTube land


Sorry for not having been around for so long!!!  Its been hectic around here!  My summer job is very sporadic and my inspiration is running a bit low at this point . . .

I do, however, have a tonne of news to share:
1) I scripted two YouTube videos for my vlog, which should be premiering June 1 if all goes well.

2) I’ve decided that the novel I will enter into July’s Camp Nanowrimo will be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast instead of Sleeping Beauty because it’s one I’ve wanted to write for a long time and which even has an ending in my head.  The premise: Belle comes from a family of monster hunters . . .

3) I’ve finished reading Awoken.  Bottom line is: I love it, now go read it.  However, I have not yet had the opportunity to give it a proper Good Reads review.  I’m currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, but I only read a chapter of that per month, so once I’m done the June chapter I will move on to either Story of a Soul by Saint Therese of Lisieux or Scarlet by Merissa Meyer, depending on whether or not I am up to reading something more serious and spiritual or if I will just need a light read to relax me.

4) I’ve written a bit of a short story about Snow White.  This story is a parody: I intend to write a serious Snow White retelling one day.

5) Regarding my troubles in YouTube land – I’ve scripted two videos and am working on a third but have as of yet had no time to record them!  Ah!!!  What’s a girl to do!!

Detailed outline draft 1

Hello guys!

So . . . I admit I have yet to finish the detailed outline of my Sleeping Beauty story (note: title suggestions are welcome).  I am currently outlining the second act – the one narrated from the princess’s point of view, in more detail.  A few details changed, and an extra chapter was added in the process.  Although the outline is as of yet still incomplete, I will nonetheless share my outlining process today, using the “set up” section of Act 1 as the basis:

I start out with Katytastic’s basic outline

Act 1

Set up – Introduce Hero and ordinary world

Introduction (set up)

Inciting Incident (conflict)

Immediate Reaction (resolution)


Then I fill in the blanks (name the hero, name the world, very briefly explain what the set up, conflict and resolution will be):

Act I: [POV of Flammia, the Warrior Fairy]

Set up – Introduce Hero [Flammia in this chapter] and ordinary world [fairy court]

Introduction [Fairy counsel regarding the birth of the new princess and her christening]

Inciting Incident (conflict) [to invite Malicia, the evil fairy, or not?]

Immediate Reaction (resolution) [They will not invite Malicia]


Once I have all the sections of all the acts outlined, I add the setting, time, characters and action, which, according to my French literature professor Dr. Vaillancourt, are the basic elements of a story, to each block.  WARNING!  ATROCIOUS SPELLING AND GRAMMAR FOLLOWS:

Act I: [POV of Flammia, the Warrior Fairy]

Set up – Introduce Hero [Flammia in this section] and ordinary world [fairy court]

Introduction [Fairy counsel regarding the birth of the new princess and her christening]

– Setting: High Queen’s castle in fairyland (near a waterfall with flowers), in the courtyard

– Time: Medieval-ish time period, noon

– Characters: Flammia the Fire Fairy, listening in to a conversation between the Logic Fairy and the Art Fairy, getting into a discussion with a servant girl fairy

– Action:  They are discussing the birth of Princess Clarity and her christening, the political situation in the kingdom they are about to visit, the responsibilities of a fairy godmother, etc.  They are waiting for the fairy counsel regarding the preparations for the ball.  Flammia describes the situation to the servant fairy and agrees to sneak her into the counsel room

Inciting Incident (conflict) [what to give the Princess]

– Setting: The counsel room of the high queen’s castle in fairyland

– Time: Medieval-ish time period, afternoon

– Characters: the 12 good fairies: Titanna the Fairy of Order and high queen of the fairies, Flammia the fire/war fairy, the Water Fairy, the Earth Fairy, the Wind Fairy, the Sound/Silence Fairy, the Art Fairy, the Logic Fairy, the Light Fairy, the Joy Fairy, the Peace Fairy, and the Love Fairy; Malica/Erissa the Chaos Fairy (disguised as the servant girl)

– Action:  They are discussing the gifts that they will bring the baby when the servant girl transforms reveals her true form: Malicia the Chaos Fairy.  She declares that she did not get an invitation to the counsel or to the christening, but that she intends to go anyways before disappearing dramatically

Immediate Reaction (resolution) PART 1 [They will not invite Malicia]

– Setting: The counsel room

– Time: Medieval-ish time period,

– Characters: The 12 good fairies

– Action:  Flammia admits that she is the one who brought the servant girl into the counsel room and takes responsibility for Malicia’s discovery of the truth.  She agrees to be Princess Clarity’s main fairy godmother and protector.  The other fairies admit that Flammia’s rash actions are to blame for the mistake but they note that Malicia would have found out one way or another nonetheless.

Immediate Reaction (resolution) PART 2 [Flammia prepares for the ball and prepares for Malicia’s attack]

– Setting: Flammia’s volcanic castle

– Time: Medieval-ish time period, evening

– Characters: Flammia and her Roman soldier lover

– Action:  Flammia prepares for the christening; we find out why her lover was cursed (Malicia cursed all the 12 good fairies when they refused to give into her rule); they have a conversation in which the Roman soldier tries to comfort the frantic Flammia; Flammia will be VERY heavily armed at the christening


As you can see, a lot changed between the first outline and the final outline.  I even ended up adding a chapter to the resolution.

Once I finish the outline, I will have a very basic short story written.  In the case of this particular story, I will most likely have enough information to write an easy-reader picture book.  However, since I am aiming for a 50 000 word+ novel, I will be expanding (a lot) upon the 936 word outline I have created.  I will most likely do one or two more outlines once I am finished this first detailed outline.

I have also begun world building and character sheets for the three narrators.  I will most likely create character sheets for the wicked fairy Malicia/Erissa, the other twelve fairies, and the parents of both Princess Clarity and Prince Drek along the way.  I’m also considering giving Prince Drek a sibling, most likely a sister.

Thanks for reading guys!

I hope you enjoy the blog!

Your diligent,


Outlining Sleeping Beauty

Hello guys!

Today I’m sharing my very first outline of the Sleeping Beauty story with you.  There are, obviously, spoilers.  But we all know how it ends: with the words “and they lived happily ever after” 😀


First of all, I “stole” my outline from Katytastic’s 3 act, 9 block, 27 chapter outline.  This is my first time using an outline to describe an ENTIRE story.  I am a little worried that using a three-act structure will make the story formulaic, but I think that in this case it makes sense, seeing as how I have three narrators: one per act.  Here’s a link to Katytastic’s outlining videos:

Katytastic’s best outlining video:

Katytastic’s first outlining video:

Katytastic’s writing process including outlining:

Katytastic’s outlining process with story example:

For those who have Scrivener:

Outlining live show 1:

Outlining live show 2:

PLEASE do check out her page.  She inspired me to finish Nanowrimo


Now, without further ado, presenting my spectacular, incredible, unforgettable outline of my own version of Sleeping Beauty (which is obviously a working title :P)

Sleeping Beauty: Basic Outline

Act I: [POV of Flammia, the Warrior Fairy]

Set up – Introduce Hero [Flammia in this section] and ordinary world [fairy court]

Introduction [Fairy counsel regarding the birth of the new princess and her christening]

Inciting Incident (conflict) [to invite Malicia, the evil fairy, or not?]

Immediate Reaction (resolution) [They will not invite Malicia]


Conflict – A problem disrupts the Hero’s life [Malicia curses Clarity and Flammia modifies the curse]

Reaction (set up) [The fairies arrive at the christening]

Action (conflict) [Flammia is stopped from giving her gift to Clarity by Malicia who curses the princess]

Consequence (resolution) [Flammia modifies the curse, the kingdom must change to suit new circumstances]


Resolution – Hero’s life has changed direction

Pressure (set up) [the fairies will watch over Clarity, the kingdom is going through extreme changes, there’s fear everywhere]

Pinch (conflict) [Revolutions, fear and panic]

Push (resolution) [Flammia helps calm the crowds and is instrumental to solving some of the kingdom’s problems, she becomes one of Clarity’s principal guardians]


Act II: [POV: Clarity, the cursed princess; Ending – POV Flammia]

Set up – Hero [Clarity] explores new world [her kingdom]

New World (set up) [Clarity is now a teen; she’s growing more beautiful and more curious]

Fun and games (event/conflict) [something involving Clarity and nature, showing her scientific side, maybe to do with weaving and clothing?]

Old world contrast (resolution) [There has to be something about peace vs. fear, technology, curiosity, etc, not a full resolution]


Conflict – Hero encounters crisis of new world [Clarity meets Erissa the spinster?]

Build up (set up) – Clarity befriends the spinster

Midpoint (conflict) – the problem is that spinning wheels are illegal

Reversal (resolution) – Clarity hides the spinning wheel, perhaps in her secret space where no one will think to look


Resolution – Hero dedicates to finding solution [Clarity is cursed, Flammia watches over this]

Reaction (set up) – There’s a ball in honour of Clarity’s 16th birthday, Clarity is excited but nervous because it’s her first ball

Action (conflict) – Clarity is embarrassed at the ball and runs to her hiding place where she meets the spinsters, pricks her finger on the spinning wheel and falls asleep

Dedication (resolution) – Flammia and the other fairies find her.  Flammia tries to fight Malicia/Erissa, but she takes Flammia’s necklace which contains her cursed lover.  Malicia/Erissa turns into a giant dragon and the land is overgrown by thorns


Act III: [POV Drek, the half-ogre prince]

Set up – hero [Drek, Clarity’s kingdom] faces defeat, victory [saving the kingdom, Clarity, and Flammia’s lover] seems impossible

Trials (set up) – Many heroes have tried and failed to slay the dragon Malicia.  In an African kingdom, Prince Drek hears of the curse from the fairies, who are looking all over for a hero to save Clarity.

Pinch (event/conflict) – Drek sets out on the quest, to prove to his kingdom that he isn’t a wicked ogre but a good man inside

Darkest moment (resolution) – After many trials and tribulations on his quest, Drek ends up captured by Malicia’s minions


Conflict – Hero must find power and take action

Power within (set up) – Drek escapes (possibly with the help of Flammia’s lover)

Action (conflict) – Drek receives magical items from the fairies, including the gift Flammia could not give to Clarity – fighting spirit

Converge (resolution) – He journey’s through the thorn field to the dragon


Resolution – hero fights and wins, resolving quest

Battle (set up) – Drek comes face to face with the dragon after facing great challenges

Climax (conflict) – Drek fights the dragon.  His courage awakens Clarity who watches from the window.  She runs down to the garden to help out however she can.

Resolution (resolution) – Drek slays the dragon but the sleeping curse passes onto him.  Clarity kisses him – this is his first kiss – and he wakes up.  Drek and Clarity’s actions awaken everyone in the kingdom.


The final version of my story will obviously not have 27 chapters.  I will probably add chapters describing Flammia’s cursed lover, Princess Clarity’s childhood, Prince Drek’s quest to save her, maybe even a chapter about Clarity and Drek’s respective parents, Malicia’s perspective, or the Fairy Queen’s perspective.  Obviously I will need to add to the ending to describe Clarity and Drek’s process of falling in love.  I’m not 100% sure that those two will end up together, and that if they do they will be passionate lovers.  They might end up in an arranged marriage whose relationship is one of close friendship rather than passion.

However, I will use the 27 chapter 3-act structure as my basis.  This will be an interesting experiment for me.

If you have any ideas, email, tweet, or Facebook message me 😀

Have a lovely day

Your hard working,


My current project

Good morning! *yawns*

So, despite school being over, my life is still super-busy . . .  Even my writing life is insane!  One of my jobs requires writing!  And on top of that my friend has sent me her story to read . . .  Not to mention the fact that I am currently reading both Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and Awoken by “Serra Elinsen” (aka Lindsey Ellis, Antonella Inserra, and Elisa Hansen of Channel Awesome/Team Nostalgia Chick fame and three ghost writers).

Of course, this means that I’ve finally finished Marissa Meyer’s Cinder.  Here’s a link to my review (but to make a long story short: READ IT :P):

Regarding the story I am working on now as my mind rests from writing An Epic Story.

Its a retelling of Sleeping Beauty.  It will be told through the three points of view.  The first section will be told through the POV of the fairy godmother who modified the evil fairy’s curse (Merriweather in the Disney version, Flammia the Fire Fairy in my version), the second section will be told through Sleeping Beauty’s POV (her name will be Princess Clarity), and the third will be told through Prince Charming’s POV (his name will be Prince Drek).  I don’t yet have the full outline of the story written down, but I do have some idea as to what the characters will be like.  The story will be more heavily based on Charles Perrault’s version of Sleeping Beauty than on Disney’s.  Flammia will be a feisty and snarky sort of character, Clarity will be a kind and fun loving character whose defining characteristic will be curiosity, as it was in the Perrault version, rather than physical beauty (she will, of course, be very physically beautiful: I’m planning on exploring the role of beauty in society in greater detail), and Prince Drek will be half-ogre, as he was in the Perrault version.  There will be 12 good fairies and one wicked fairy, and the parents of both of our young lovers will be alive and well.  That’s all I can give you so far.  Hopefully I will soon be able to post my outline for you.  I am basing my outlining process on Katytastic’s 27-part outline, which I will also describe in more detail at a later date.

Here’s a highly recommended YouTube channel with some great writing tips and tonnes of critical analysis of today’s media.  Mind you, I don’t always agree with the vlogger’s opinions, but they are really well worth a listen.  She’s a very thoughtful and analytic young woman.  She’ll go far in life for sure!  I give you, MelinaPendulum: