My current project

Good morning! *yawns*

So, despite school being over, my life is still super-busy . . .  Even my writing life is insane!  One of my jobs requires writing!  And on top of that my friend has sent me her story to read . . .  Not to mention the fact that I am currently reading both Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and Awoken by “Serra Elinsen” (aka Lindsey Ellis, Antonella Inserra, and Elisa Hansen of Channel Awesome/Team Nostalgia Chick fame and three ghost writers).

Of course, this means that I’ve finally finished Marissa Meyer’s Cinder.  Here’s a link to my review (but to make a long story short: READ IT :P):

Regarding the story I am working on now as my mind rests from writing An Epic Story.

Its a retelling of Sleeping Beauty.  It will be told through the three points of view.  The first section will be told through the POV of the fairy godmother who modified the evil fairy’s curse (Merriweather in the Disney version, Flammia the Fire Fairy in my version), the second section will be told through Sleeping Beauty’s POV (her name will be Princess Clarity), and the third will be told through Prince Charming’s POV (his name will be Prince Drek).  I don’t yet have the full outline of the story written down, but I do have some idea as to what the characters will be like.  The story will be more heavily based on Charles Perrault’s version of Sleeping Beauty than on Disney’s.  Flammia will be a feisty and snarky sort of character, Clarity will be a kind and fun loving character whose defining characteristic will be curiosity, as it was in the Perrault version, rather than physical beauty (she will, of course, be very physically beautiful: I’m planning on exploring the role of beauty in society in greater detail), and Prince Drek will be half-ogre, as he was in the Perrault version.  There will be 12 good fairies and one wicked fairy, and the parents of both of our young lovers will be alive and well.  That’s all I can give you so far.  Hopefully I will soon be able to post my outline for you.  I am basing my outlining process on Katytastic’s 27-part outline, which I will also describe in more detail at a later date.

Here’s a highly recommended YouTube channel with some great writing tips and tonnes of critical analysis of today’s media.  Mind you, I don’t always agree with the vlogger’s opinions, but they are really well worth a listen.  She’s a very thoughtful and analytic young woman.  She’ll go far in life for sure!  I give you, MelinaPendulum: