Nanowrimo YouTube Video!

Hey guys!

My obligatory OMG I WON NANOWRIMO video is up on YouTube.  There were many, many misadventures in the making of this video, and it is a few days late . . .

In this video I get a new theme song (the Nightcore version of Beast’s song “Fiction”), thank those who got me through the camp (shout-out to my Camp Nanowrimo Cabin Mates dshnaper, Markjragusa, MaladyMandy, bloodelf88, flygirl3, The Rach and Zoe X. Rider), give some writing advice sprinkled with too much information about myself and discuss the details of one of my character’s clothing choices . . .

This video was unscripted . . .  Watch at your own risk.  I don’t do unscripted.  Apparently if you let me talk, weird things come out . . .

In any case, I’m leaving for Quebec tomorrow.  I will see you when I see you (hopefully soon),


Aleksandra Gieralt


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