OMG! I’m ecstatic! I won camp Nanowrimo today! Well, I beat the word count . . .

That’s the good news . . . The bad news is that I still have three chapters to go to finish the novel, which had already been turned into a trilogy due to my verbose nature . . .

Still, I will spend today gloating, basking in the light of victory. I doubt I’ll finish this novel before my trip to Italy, but the end is near.

To be honest, this time winning feels like relief and sleep-deprivation.

What I can honestly say is that outlining helped a lot. It kept me on track and ensured that I stuck to the the story. Furthermore, I had managed to write in my own style rather than they typical three-act-structure style despite the outlines. I don’t think my story has the “typical Hollywood movie/everything culminates with a final battle/the chosen one is all that matters” feel to it that I feared a three act structure would give me. Not that there won’t be a final battle . . .

My other advice for Wrimos is to be passionate about the story, to write something you love. Nanowrimo is about forcing yourself to write, but it should first and foremost be about loving your story. I know I love mine, although I’m not happy with it at all at the moment. I love my characters, I love my outlines, I love the direction in which my plot is headed, I love my symbolism, I love my setting. I don’t particularly love the words I chose to describe it . . . but that’s a different story 😛

Thanks to all those who encouraged and inspired me!

Your writerly,



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