Its about time . . . the first outline

Hey guys!

As you probably well know, I am using Katytastic’s three act structure of writing. My story also goes through three outlining phases: the basic outline, the detailed outline and the individual chapter outlines. Today I’m sharing my basic outline and outlining structure.

However, I would ask you guys to please bear with me – there will be MANY spelling and grammar mistakes, seeing as how it is an outline.

Before we move on to my particular outline, here’s a link to Katytastic’s video:


Her basic outlining structure:
Act 1 – Set up
Set up – introduce the hero and their world and their problem
Conflict – how the inciting incident changes the hero’s life
Resolution – the hero’s life is changed and they are pushed into a new world
Act 2 – Conflict
Set up – Hero experiences new world
Conflict – hero encounters a crisis of the new world and evolves/changes
Resolution – hero transformed and dedicated to finding solution
Act 3 – Resolution
Set up – hero faces trials
Conflict – hero must find the power within themselves to take action
Resolution – solution to all this

Three Acts, Nine Blocks
Act 1 – Introductions, Inciting Incident, Push/Pinch
Act 2 – New/Old Contrast, Midpoint (point of reversal, decide to take action), Action/Dedication
Act 3 – Pinch/Darkest moment, Power within/converge, climax/resolution

Act 1
Set up – Introduce Hero and ordinary world
Introduction (set up)
Inciting Incident (conflict)
Immediate Reaction (resolution)

Conflict – A problem disrupts the Hero’s life
Reaction (set up)
Action (conflict)
Consequence (resolution)

Resolution – Hero’s life has changed direction
Pressure (set up)
Pinch (conflict)
Push (resolution)

Act 2
Set up – Hero explores new world
New World (set up)
Fun and games (event/conflict)
Old world contrast (resolution)

Conflict – Hero encounters crisis of new world
Build up (set up)
Midpoint (conflict)
Reversal (resolution)

Resolution – Hero dedicates to finding solution
Reaction (set up)
Action (conflict)
Dedication (resolution)

Set up – hero faces defeat, victory seems impossible
Trials (set up)
Pinch (event/conflict)
Darkest moment (resolution)

Conflict – Hero must find power and take action
Power within (set up)
Action (conflict)
Converge (resolution)

Resolution – hero fights and wins, resolving quest
Battle (set up)
Climax (conflict)
Resolution (resolution)

While I have many issues with the three act nine block structure, it has turned out to be a great resource for a writer such as myself who loves her tangents and whose characters never listen to what she wants them to do! I figured that the only way for me to actually buckle down and write was to outline first. How that ended up . . . well . . . let’s just say that that blog post is coming soon.

However, for now, here’s my first, very rough, very spelling mistake laden, outline of my own take on Beauty and the Beast:
Act I: [Introducing Monster Hunter World
Set up – Introduce Hero [Belle] and ordinary world [small provincial town]
Introduction [Introduce Belle’s family – monster hunters – and their small provincial town life]
Inciting Incident (conflict) [A monster attacks the village]
Immediate Reaction (resolution) [Belle, her brothers, and Gaston defeat it]

Conflict – A problem disrupts the Hero’s life [Belle meets the Beast]
Reaction (set up) [Belle’s father goes after the Prince who is a feared monster]
Action (conflict) [Belle’s father is caught stealing a rose from the monster]
Consequence (resolution) [The monster lets him go in exchange for one of his daughters]

Resolution – Hero’s life has changed direction
Pressure (set up) [Belle agrees to take her father’s place as the monster’s prisoner]
Pinch (conflict) [Belle meets the monster]
Push (resolution) [Belle confirms that she will stay in the castle]

Act II: [Belle in the Beast’s Castle]
Set up – Hero [Belle] explores new world [The Beast’s Castle]
New World (set up) [Belle befriends the servants/objects in the mirrors]
Fun and games (event/conflict) [one of them, a porcelain shepherdess, has lost her boyfriend, a porcelain shepherd – the Beast overhears and agrees to help]
Old world contrast (resolution) [Belle and the Beast find the shepherd boy in the attic after searching through all the rooms and making friends]

Conflict – Hero encounters crisis of new world [Belle wants to cure the Beast]
Build up (set up) – Belle spends her nights in the library that the Beast gave her, pouring over books
Midpoint (conflict) – Belle finds the cure to the Beast’s problem – true love – she decides that she and the Beast will help people who get lost in the forest. The Beast agrees
Reversal (resolution) – They fight off some wolves and a small family accepts the Beast for who he is. He does not change.

Resolution – Hero dedicates to finding solution [Belle is dedicated to saving the Beast]
Reaction (set up) – Christmas is coming but the Beast does not want to celebrate. He lets Belle and the servants take charge but withdraws from the festivities
Action (conflict) – Belle prepares for Christmas while coaxing some of the Beast’s story out of the servants
Dedication (resolution) – They have a grand Christmas ball at which Belle is about to agree to marry the Beast, but, in the spirit of Christmas, the Beast sets her free. She is reluctant until she sees that her father is dying in one of the Beast’s mirrors

Act III: [Belle and the Beast get together]
Set up – hero [Belle] faces defeat, victory [freeing the Beast from his curse] seems impossible
Trials (set up) – Belle arrives just in time to stop a monster attack on her father
Pinch (event/conflict) – Belle brings her father home, but her sisters grow jealous of her new jewels and plot against her with “Gaston”
Darkest moment (resolution) – “Gaston” asks Belle to marry her and her father, brothers and sisters are compelling her to agree

Conflict – Hero [Belle] must find power and take action [Return to the Beast]
Power within (set up) – Belle is missing the Beast and decides to escape. In the mean time, the Beast musters up the courage to come after her
Action (conflict) – Belle attempts her escape
Converge (resolution) – Belle finds the Beast miserable in the forest. Belle’s father and brother see that they love each other

Resolution – hero [Belle] fights and wins, resolving quest [Wedding of Beauty and the Beast]
Battle (set up) – Belle’s father and brothers see her love for the beast and decide to side with her. Many side with Gaston.
Climax (conflict) – There’s a fearsome battle between the Beast and the monster hunter family and the angry mob. Belle joins in the fight despite her family’s warning. The Beast dives in to protect her but is slain. More people attack Belle, but her two sisters get in the way. Belle mourns the Beast
Resolution (resolution) – Belle and the Beast get married


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