Camp Nanowrimo . . . the story so far

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been updating here daily as I promised . . . I’ve been a bit busy writing for Nanowrimo . . . I have finally crossed the 15 000 word threshold, which I had hoped to cross on July 3 . . . However, I am ahead in word count!

I other good news – I have the most amazing cabin possible this year. They’re all so enthusiastic about their stories and so chatty too! I have added two of my Nano friends on Twitter!

Unfortunately, my creative juices are running low at this hour in the night (as evidenced by the fact that I’m using the phrase ‘creative juices’), and, therefore, I have no interesting topic to share today . . . I am not the most interesting of bloggers . . .

What I can say however is that I have a feeling that my own version of Beauty and the Beast will end up being that most dreaded of all young adult stories – the trilogy. Beauty and the Beast in fact checks off most of the boxes for YA “no nos” – there’s a love triangle (not in the original, but in many of the subsequent versions) and a paranormal romance. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of modern YA was inspired by a certain beautiful French girl and her giant furry friend.

There is one important difference between my story and other YA paranormal romance: namely, that it is not YA. I’m writing a story for the kiddies (although, so far, its coming out darker than I had intended. The first section is the darkest for reasons I will not reveal today). I want to read a story with a positive message and admirable heroes that kids can look up to that is an alternative to Disney. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney. I am most definitely not one of those Disney bashers. Beauty and the Beast and Frozen are two of my favourite movies, and Darkwing Duck is the best thing ever made. However, I don’t like the idea of Disney, or any other film version of a book for that matter, to be a replacement for reading. I say – let the kids watch their Disney (and us adults to), but let there also be books. I decided to write my own versions of fairy tales because I see so many parents deciding to settle their kids down in front of a TV and let the TV do the story telling for them. I think it stifles creativity rather than encourages it.

But enough about me ranting. The moral of the rant is basically that I, like all writers, am writing a book which I hope will be read, which is not much of a moral at all, rather a statement of the obvious, meaning that its late and I had better get my bum off to bed.

Good night!



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