Where I’ve been.

Hello everyone!

Sorry about the absence!  I have been away so long because:

1) I had two essays to write

2) I had to catch up on life after the essays were done.


However, now that I am all caught on on life (and have been hired for not one but two summer jobs!!!) I am back to blogging.


I am also back to writing, but at the moment I admit that I am so completely exhausted that I just deleted an entire blog post which I deemed as too incoherent.  I will let you know what project I am working on tomorrow (hopefully).


Here are three hints as to what it could be:

1) its an adaptation of a fairy tale by Charles Perrault

2) there’s a Disney movie about this fairy tale

3) there’s a 2014 movie based on this fairy tale


That’s all the hints you get for now 😀  Tomorrow you will get the name of the fairy tale as well as the names of the three characters who will be narrating the three acts of the story.


See you then!

Your exhausted,



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